English lyrics

Let’s do it, Island Party Knight! The spring body is dynamite!

Dangerous! Tiresome! Underline! It’s the straight pitch strike sign!

Have a nice day! The winter floor is swarmed with silly girls!

Everyone, Come on! Everyone has entry!

It’s a top rate line up! A musical redenvous!

You ready? Various colors of ready!

Saying “Ah, there it is.” before bringing out the China

Rocking! Breaking! Take the showy bite baby!

Great DJ! He’s an ever changing freak show!

Leave everything to me! It’ll be exciting!

Quadruple, Quadruple clamor! Feeling alright, comin’ coming up

Be arrogant! Break out! Funky monkey baby!

Everytime you ride on, dance! Make a pleasant dance step!

Fly to another dimension! Welcome brand new day!

Joe and Ne too, yeah, yeah, yeah,

If you’re going to get on then… Dancin’ on the floor!