Friend Or Foe? The Third Riser is the fourth episode of the Justirisers series.



Main Events

  • It’s the next day after the third episode.
  • Dr. Zora complains that a new hero Justiriser Kageri just transformed and started fighting. 
  • Morgulis attacks the La Crosse and Mio and Reika. 
  • Shouta Date transforms into Justiriser Glen again. He fights Morgulis. Then, he gets electrocuted with Morgulis' electic attack.
  • When Yuka Sanada nearly transformed, a new Justiriser, Justiriser Gant is the one who shoots Morgulis, and Justiriser Glen went on fighting Morgulis and said "Now, it's payback time." because he gets crusified and electrocuted.
  • Shouta Date and Yuka Sanada talks about Justiriser Gant.
  • Shinya Hiraga does his robot project.
  • Shinya Hiraga helps Kenta bring the computer inside the store.
  • Kenta talks to Shouta Date about Shinya Hiraga.
  • Yuka Sanada is hot headed with the enemies when they appeared again so she transforms into Justiriser Kageri.
  • She fights them.
  • But later, Shouta Date transforms into Justiriser Glen again. He and Yuka are friends and allies. They are fighting Morgulis.
  • Then Riser Gant appears and shoots and proves himself as the third Justiriser, Justiriser Gant . He uses Versus Cannon to kill Morgulis. 
  • The three Justirisers talk about how Shinya Hiraga/Justiriser Gant appeared to the store and the battle.  Shouta Date said that Shinya went to Gentarou's store. They are happy with him as a new Justiriser. If he didn't appear, Morgulis would still continue staying alive and evil.




  • Kaiser Hades
  • Doctor Zora
  • Cyber Knight Morgulis
  • Zakoal


  • Riseross


  • This is the fourth episode to feature Sun as the ending song.