Riser-Glen Comes Forth is the second episode of the Justirisers series.



Main Events

  • It’s the next day after the first episode.
  • A seller sees on the TV in the store that at the first episode, the giant monster attacked the city, so Star Beast Riseross, a good robot, attacked the monster and saved the city, but not yet perfect. 
  • Noulan tells Shouta to defeat Hades and protect the universe.
  • Shouta Date protects Yuka Sanada. He have been made Justiriser Glen when Nolun told him to transform. He fights against those badguys. He kills the Zakoals and Cyber Knight Zaurus with Rising Flame.
  • Justiriser Glen have found out how to attack the giant monster. He has to pilot Star Beast Riseross. Justiriser Glen asked Noulan why she did not say earlier. Glen dives in to Riseross and fights against the Deathfrog. Justiriser Glen and Star Beast Riseross defeats the Deathfrog.
  • Justiriser Glen powers down after killing the Deathfrog.
  • Shinya says "Riseross and the Justirisers".
  • Shouta calls Yuka. When Shouta sees her, they have a conversation.
  • Shouta remembers what his father, Gentarou, says.
  • Shouta drives his motorcycle to another place or goes home.




  • Kaiser Hades
  • Doctor Zora
  • Cyber Knight Zaurus
  • Zakoal


  • Riseross


  • Despite the first episode, Dr. Zora, a villain, was the first character to appear in the episode.
  • This is the second episode to feature Sun as the ending song.