Justiriser Gant
Gant 01
Justiriser Gant Suisan!


Shinya Hiraga

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Juu Riser


Gant Slugger

Finishing Attack

Versus Cannon



First Appearance

Episode 4: Friend or Foe!? The Third Man

Justiriser Gant is Shinya Hiraga's Justiriser.


Gant is a black turtle/tortoise-based Justiriser. His helmet black colored with a golden U-like crest on his forehead. He has two plate-like objects on both sides of his head. His eyes are shaped like the symbol of 'infinity'. His mouth is silver and his neck is black. He has two orange colored circles on the shoulders and orange colored shape on his wrists. Like all other Justirisers, his Charge Riser is located on his left chest plate on a golden belt. His belt is silver with a golden button on the middle with a silver diamond on it. At some parts of his armor, silver colored lines can be seen. His cape is black on the outside and the inside with grey chains.


Riser Gant is Shinya Hiraga's Justiriser. He was first seen when he blasted Mogulus who was winning against Shouta/Glen. Then the latter said "Who did that?" He later appeared in person towards Shouta/Glen and Yuka/Kageri. He easily defeated Mogulus with a single shot. With his super computer-like brain and his interest technologies, he acts as the brains of the team. He specializes in long range attacks. He is the most powerful Justiriser in action when Shouta/Glen could not transform into the nice Riser Shirogane.


Gant Slugger

Gant Slugger



Gan Slugger in Gant Rifle mode

The Gant Slugger is Gant's weapon. It is gun-like weapon with two blasters on both sides. The Gant Slugger is located on the right side of Gant and can be connected to his belt. There is golden triangle shaped part on the middle of the Gant Slugger. There is also two white circles on both sides. The Gant Slugger needs energy to shoot bullets called Gant Shot. When energy is low, Gant must connect it on his belt to recharge. Gant can upgrade the Gant Slugger into a riffe gun-like weapon called the Gant Rifle with some parts on his left gauntlet. There is also two small cannons called the Gant Buster

Gant Slugger

near the triangle part which activates when using Versus Cannon. The Gant Slugger's finishing move is Versus Cannon.



Kouki is Gant's Seishinjuu. It resembles a giant black turtle/tortoise-like robot. Kouki can shoot missiles from its front legs. Kouki is the second Seishinjuu to appear in the series.

Juu RiserEdit

Juu Riser is Gant's Genseishin. Juu Riser is formed when Kouki is combined with Riseross. Juu Riser figts by shooting lightning beams from its cannons. Juu Riser is the second Genseishin to appear in the series.


  • His phrase is Justiriser Gant Suisan.