Shinya Hiraga
Shinya Hiraga


Shinya Hiraga

Name Romaji



20 (born on 28 November 1985)


Fire (Western)
Wood (Chinese)

Astrological Signs

Sagittarius (Western)
Rat (Chinese)


Engineering Student




Riser Gant

First Appearance

Episode 1: Appearance! Genseijuu Riseross


Isaka Shunya

Shinya Hiraga is one of the main characters and the tritagonist in the Justirisers series. His Justi-Heart ables him to become Justiriser Gant.


Shinya is a 20 years old engineering student. He has a great interest in robots, technology and playing soccer. Unlike Shouta, Shinya always plans when fighting Kaiser Hades' army. Shinya was a mysterious guy first then became friendly.  

One time, his parents came back to Japan. He refused to see them, because he lived alone for 15 years. Later on, he liked to talk to them and told them to take care of themselves.  

Later throughout the series, Shinya fall in love with Mio.  

After Riseross was awaken and battled Deathfrog in Tokyo, Shinya was very interested in finding it's secrets. Just before Deathfrog came to Earth, Shinya was entering a robot exhibition and said that all the robots there was useless and it was a waste of time. This could mean that he is only interested in more realistic robots like the Genseishin and the Seishinjuu.

After Nolun made Shinya become Riser Gant, Shinya was death serious about saving humanity. He always fought with mastermind plans and statergy. He acts like the team's brain. Due to Shouta's behavior of going into battle without thinking of a plan, Shinya gave Shouta some advises for future battles.


Shinya can become Justiriser Gant with his In-Loader. As Gant, he specialises in long range attacks. His attacks mostly causes explosions.

His weapon as Riser Gant is the Gant Slugger. The Gant Slugger is a gun-like weapon that can shoot bullets. When two small barrels opens, he can perform his finishing attack called the Versus Cannon. When combined with some parts from Gant's armor, The Gant Slugger can change to the Gant Rifle.

His Seishinjuu is Kouki, a giant black tortoise. When combined with Riseross, Kouki can transform into Genseishin Juu Riser.


  • Shinya's blood type is B.
  • His Justi-Power is Wisdom.
  • His birthday is on 28 November.