Shouta Date
Shouta Date


Shouta Date

Name Romaji



18 (born on 17 August 1986)



Astrological Signs

Leo (Western)
Rabbit (Chinese)


Highschool student
Jet Delivery boy




Riser Glen

First Appearance

Episode 1: Appearance! Genseijuu Riseross


Isaka Tatsuya

Shouta Date is one of the main characters and the protagonist in the Justirisers series. His Justi-Heart ables him to transform into Justiriser Glen.


Shouta is an 18 years-old highschool student. He has a kind heart and is willing to save anyone in danger. He also attacks first without thinking of a plan, unlike Shinya. He have a strong relationship with his father, whom he sees as an idol. He also has a energetic personality and is good at hiding his secret from others. His bestfriend is Tohru Ichikawa.

Shouta was just an ordinary human until Nolun gave him the power to become Justiriser Glen. Eversince then, unlike Yuka who didn't want to fight at first, Shouta decided to fight for justice.He Loves Yuka very much and can do anything to save her life.

Shouta also practices Kendo throught the series. Since his weapon is a sword, practicing Kendo will give Shouta a great experience when fighting evil. He also likes to hang out riding his motorcycle.


Shouta can become Justiriser Glen with his In-Loader. As Glen, Shouta acts like the leader of the team. He can also become Riser Shirogane when all of the Justirisers' Justi-Hearts and the Justi-Crystal is combined. He doesn't much talk when he is Shirogane except when shouting out the name of his weapon and his attacks.

His weapon as Riser Glen is the Glen Sword. When returned back into its scabbard, he can strike the enemy with the attack, Raging Flame. When this is reversed, he can use a new attack called the Flash Blazer.

His Seishinjuu is Enoh, a giant red phoenix. When Enoh is combined with Riseross, Genseishin Ken Riser is formed.

But when becoming Riser Shirogane, his Seishinjuu is Ryuto, a winged, two-headed dragon. When Ryuto is combined with Riseross, Genseishin JustiKaiser is formed. It is the ultimate Genseishin that is primarily piloted by Justiriser Shirogane and able to fire the Justi Nova.


  • Shouta's blood type is O.
  • His Justipower is Courage.
  • His birthday is on 17 August.