The Second Warrior, Kageri, Comes Forth is the third episode of the Justirisers series.



Main Events

  • It’s the next day after the second episode.
  • Yuka Sanada's mother calls Yuka and Takashi to come down so that they will be early for school.
  • Dr. Zora complains that a hero and a robot destroyed Cyber Knight Zaurus and Space Beast Deathfrog. She tells Kaiser Hades that she will crush the Justirisers. She sends Cyber Knight Morgulis to attack the humans.
  • Yuka Sanada does La Crosse.
  • Shouta Date does kendo. Then his father, Gentarou, says that Shouta is not yet perfect.
  • Shouta Date transforms into Justiriser Glen when Morgulis attacks. Though Justiriser Glen is defeated.
  • Shouta Date is unable to transform into Justiriser Glen when Morgulis attacks him with electricity again, because he can't get the In Loader Glen.
  • Yuka Sanada is already able to transform into Justiriser Kageri.
  • She fights Morgulis.
  • But later, Shouta Date transforms into Justiriser Glen again. He and Yuka are friends and allies. They are fighting Morgulis. She is able to use Phantom Crush. However, Morgulis retreats.
  • Shouta would never ever guess that Yuka is a Justiriser too.
  • Yuka wants to stay a normal 17 year old girl.




  • Kaiser Hades
  • Doctor Zora
  • Cyber Knight Morgulis
  • Zakoal


  • Riseross


  • Despite the first episode and second episode, Yuka's mother was the first character to appear in the episode.
  • This is the third episode to feature Sun as the ending song.